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About Avidity Us

Why choose our services

At Avidity Linx, we are passionate about providing clients with top-quality,

candidates. By ensuring our staff take the time to enhance their 

understanding of their job role and what is expected of them. 

While our dedication to integrity has made us a renowned supplier of top candidates, we pride ourselves in choosing staff members that love what they do, and are highly-skilled in their respective fields. Without question, Avidity Linx will always put your needs first.

Our process

Our bespoke services are crafted to meet all your employment needs, which is why we also ensure we are available 24 hours a day, 

seven days a week. We recognise how important it is to get the right candidate at the right time. 


Our obligation

The Avidity Linx mission is ‘to provide the best for our clients. Our values

are ‘integrity, service and professionalism’. Consequently, we have set high benchmarks for our staff who are dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Our outstanding reputation and ability to achieve positive outcomes, is a result of our total commitment to 

our mission, ethos and values.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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